Legal Aid Clinic (LAC)


Legal Aid Clinic, Faculty of Law, GLS University was established in 2015, Legal Aid Clinic has a striking history of responding to the legal needs of the less privileged. In furtherance of the same, LAC is a clinic orchestrated to help achieve justice for the indigent and weaker sections of the society. It aims on providing comprehensive legal aid, legal advice as well as legal literacy in order to avail every citizen to have an equal and reasonable access to justice. It has continuous ongoing project named “Legal Literacy to / for Literates”. Legal Aid Clinic at GLS University has number of delivery model for emerging need of Legal Aid Service.

The Clinic provides professional legal services to inmates or persons who are faced with criminal cases or civil disputes which are unheeded because of litigant’s inability to pay. With a belief that 'Justice can never be pursued, instead it is always a task to be achieved', The Legal Aid Centre strives to work for raising the competence bar of the budding legal professionals and also upgrading the general level of legal awareness and assistance of the people.

The clinic provides advice and assistance by two methods as of now. The methods are the Legal Literacy to Literates and Free Legal assistance to the poor and indigent sections of the society. The major objective regarding the initialisation of LAC was to provide advice regarding most viable and preferable course of action in event of infringement of rights of citizen and to render independent and efficient Legal Aid Services.




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